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September Funding Opportunities: Mark Your Calendars

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Sep 2, 2023

Selected Funding Opportunity Due Dates*

*All current USAID opportunities can be found on SAM.gov (contracts) and Grants.gov (grants and cooperative agreements). Don't see an opportunity in your country? Check out USAID's Business Forecast to see anticipated upcoming opportunities.


September 5 | Kenya 🇰🇪 Notice of Funding (NOFO) for Local Organizations for the Tuberculosis Program Support Activity

September 5 | Mali 🇲🇱 NOFO for the Feed the Future Yarnude Activity

September 5 | Rwanda 🇷🇼 Sources Sought Notice (SSN) for the Trade Facilitation Activity (RTFA)

September 5 | South Africa 🇿🇦 Request for Quotation (RFQ) for the Organizational Development Activity

September 7 | South Sudan 🇸🇸 Requests for Proposals (RFP) for the Residential Compound (RC) and Embassy Compound (EC) AC System Upgradation Project

September 11 | Senegal 🇸🇳 RFP for WASH services

September 11 | South Sudan 🇸🇸 RFQ to supply recreational items 

September 12 | Democratic Republic of the Congo 🇨🇩 Request for Information (RFI) and Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Resilient Health Systems for Healthy, Resilient Communities Activity

September 13 | South Sudan 🇸🇸 RFP for Juba’s Resident Compound Kitchen Reconstruction (Juba RCK) Project 

September 15 | Tanzania 🇹🇿 SSN for the Global Health Security (GHS) Activity

September 29 | Mali 🇲🇱 RFI for the Education in Crisis and Conflict Activity


September 18 | Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 Request for Application (RFA) for the Oceans Plastics - Solid Waste Management Program


September 8 | Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 RFI for the Social Cohesion Activity Agency

September 13 | Burma 🇲🇲 RFI and EOI for the All Youth Learning Activity

September 14 | Bangladesh 🇧🇩 NOFO for the Adolescent Health Activity 

September 14 | Bangladesh 🇧🇩 NOFO for the Systems Strengthening for One Health Activity 

September 14 | Bangladesh 🇧🇩 NOFO for the Tuberculosis Diagnostic Network Strengthening Activity


September 5 | Georgia 🇬🇪 RFI for the Green Economy Program

September 15 | Moldova 🇲🇩 RFQ for Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUP) Engagement for National Association of ICT Companies “ATIC” of Moldova.


September 8 | United Arab Emirates: RFP for Warehousing and Logistics Services

September 8 | Peru 🇵🇪 NOFO for Governance for the People in Peru

September 12 | Jordan 🇯🇴 RFP for Providing Engineering Services

September 15 | Pakistan 🇵🇰 RFI for the Climate Resilient Water Governance Activity

September 17 | Jordan 🇯🇴 RFP to supply maintenance equipment for water networks and NRW management

September 24 | Jordan 🇯🇴 RFP for the Reuse Improvement for North Aqaba WWTP Project (Package 3)


There are many opportunities to work with the contractors and recipients currently receiving USAID funding through sub-opportunities. Explore the WorkwithUSAID.org Sub-Opportunities page for more projects.

Note: The sub-opportunity information belongs to the entity that entered it. If you have questions, require verification, or further clarification, contact the business directly to communicate your concerns.

September 4 | Vietnam 🇻🇳 RFA for developing "guidelines for implementation of emergency measures in serious air pollution episodes in provinces and cities”

September 7 | Honduras 🇭🇳 RFP for Escuelas sin Barreras (Schools without Barriers)

September 11 | Jordan 🇯🇴 RFP for Organizational Development Tender 

September 12 | Colombia 🇨🇴 RFP for consulting to develop a Toolbox for the Strategic Planning of Tourist Destinations

September 17 | Jordan 🇯🇴 RFP for the Youth Center Performance Standards 

September 17 | Jordan 🇯🇴 RFP for Youth Centers Capacity Building

September 17 | Ukraine 🇺🇦 RFA for Improving export capacities of milling enterprises through flour fortification

September 18 | Colombia 🇨🇴 RFA for the Opportunities without Borders Project

September 18 | Lebanon 🇱🇧 EOI for "Participation in ARE’s Global GAP Training and Market Access Program"

September 20 | Colombia 🇨🇴 RFP to carry out technical labor training in "industrial electrical installations" and "gender approach" to young women and men with the possibility of being employed in the operating companies of the Western Energy Company in the prioritized municipalities

September 26 | Rwanda 🇷🇼 RFP for Sustainable Banking Allowance

Interested in responding but not sure if you're ready to partner with USAID? Take the Pre-Engagement Assessment on WorkwithUSAID.org! This 46-question self-assessment will help you understand your organization's readiness and provide resources to help build your capacity. Also, get tips on crafting your proposal in our three-part blog series entitled “How to Write a USAID Proposal.