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Draft Guide to Collecting Beneficiary Feedback

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Graphic Image - blue background with hexagon shapes, text "DRAFT: Collecting Feedback from Beneficiaries of Development Programs, A Guide for USAID Implementing Partners"
Photo Credit: Gorakh Bista, Helen Keller International
Sep 9, 2022

Request for Public Comment

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is pleased to announce the external comment period for the draft “Collecting Feedback from Beneficiaries of Development Programs: A Guide for USAID Implementing Partners.” 

From September 9 to October 12, USAID is inviting all interested persons, particularly implementing partners and other development stakeholders, to review and provide feedback on this draft guidance document.

Since 2018, U.S. Appropriations law has included a special provision encouraging the use of Development Assistance funds for the regular and systematic collection of feedback obtained directly from beneficiaries to enhance the quality and relevance of such assistance. To support these special provisions, USAID commissioned this draft guidance document to help USAID implementing partners integrate beneficiary feedback into their USAID-funded development activities. It describes basic concepts of beneficiary feedback and good practices for collecting and responding to it. 

Topics include: 

  • Key definitions, including “beneficiary feedback,”
  • The strengths and limitations of beneficiary feedback,
  • Planning for beneficiary feedback in Activity MEL plans,
  • Identifying beneficiaries for feedback collection,
  • Domains of feedback and deciding what kinds of feedback to collect,
  • Beneficiary feedback data collection approaches, and
  • Responding to and reporting on beneficiary feedback received. 

Reviewers are able to access the draft guidance and provide comments to USAID at IndustryLiaison@usaid.gov until close of business (5:00 p.m. EDT) on October 12, 2022. Please put “Comments on Beneficiary Feedback Guidance” in the subject line of your email. Following the external comment period, the drafting team will revise the document based on the feedback received, and prepare the document for publication.

Comments from public stakeholders with diverse perspectives are critical for USAID to ensure that this guidance document serves the needs of USAID implementing partners who must collect feedback from beneficiaries as a required part of their development program.

Finally, we ask that you join USAID for a webinar to discuss the draft document on Wednesday, September 28 at 10:30am. Registration details can be found here.

Any questions concerning this document may also be directed to: IndustryLiaison@usaid.gov.