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Three women looking at a computer screen
How USAID Encourages Private Sector Partners to Tackle AI’s Most Critical Challenges
Artificial intelligence (AI) is not neutral; instead, it involves lots of human decisions that profoundly impact how AI systems are designed and implemented. As a result, AI can work well for some and not for others.
May 11, 2023
Array of solar panels
Highlights from USAID’s Climate Strategy Focus Groups with Partners
When USAID published its ambitious Climate Strategy on Earth Day 2022, it did so knowing that partnerships would be critical to achieving the Strategy objectives, including the Special Objective of Doing Our Part to strengthen operations and approaches to programming to address climate change and further climate justice within USAID and our partner organizations.
Apr 20, 2023
Children in Zambia marching behind a banner for World Environment Day
Incorporating Children’s Voices through Locally Led Development
When development actors sit at global and regional conferences to discuss the rights and welfare of children in Africa or other regions, do we see African children, especially those from rural areas, sitting at the table? The localization movement calls for a “participation revolution” of communities impacted by foreign assistance to be involved in decision-making —and this must include children.
Mar 20, 2023
Championing the LCS Policy
USAID's Local Capacity Strengthening Policy: Creating More “Coffee Breaks”
Before I joined USAID, I worked in development and local capacity strengthening on the implementing side and found myself often frustrated by the donor community’s bureaucratic requirements. I saw too much emphasis on reporting, which distracted grantees from core work or sent support to organizations that prioritized compliance over impact.
Feb 14, 2023
Palestinian woman playing with a child in a classroom.
Five Ways USAID/West Bank Gaza Supports Local Partners for a More Sustainable Impact
The West Bank and Gaza Mission is providing tools to empower local partners to work with USAID as influential changemakers—while also listening to and learning from them to enhance development practices.
Localization & Inclusive Development
A young woman in a blue t-shirt with PEPFAR and USAID logos smiles as she walks in a group  of other young women.
PEPFAR at 20: Building Bridges with Faith-Based Partners in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
To commemorate PEPFAR’s 20th anniversary, this article describes USAID’s partnerships with faith-based and community organizations in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Jan 30, 2023
How USAID/Peru Welcomed New Partners through Procurement and Outreach Innovations
Although it was unknown what the future would hold, a month before the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, our staff at USAID/Peru issued an innovative “bare bones" Annual Program Statement (APS) process to drive rapid development results by requesting only a simple two-page concept note.
Nov 16, 2022
Three smiling women standing in an agricultural field in brightly colored saris of yellow, red, and green. Two of the women hold baskets of eggplants.
Advancing Localization One Click at a Time
Big things are happening these days at USAID’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., and at our Missions around the world—and many of them have to do with localization.
Nov 4, 2022
Balck-and-white photo of three women sitting at a conference table. Two of the women are looking at the woman closest to the camera. They have laptops and other devices on the table in front of them.
Sharing Local Voices and Feedback for USAID Action
Last week, Connective Impact members participated in a Reverse Industry Day (RID) with USAID. An RID is a method USAID uses to help inform acquisition and award staff on what’s working well and what can be improved. Given the ongoing effort USAID is making to put local communities at the heart of their funding, and the obvious overlap with the community-level development work of our members, I was ecstatic—and I knew we were in for a rich and engaging discussion.
Oct 18, 2022
Antique globe showing North America
Seven Things You Need to Know about USAID Geographic Codes: For Acquisition
Who can sell goods and/or services to USAID and USAID contractors and grantees? This question has many different answers depending on the types, conditions, and terms of each opportunity and whether this opportunity is a direct USAID procurement or whether it is an opportunity to partner with or provide services or goods to a USAID contractor or recipient.
Oct 4, 2022