Results for Localization and Inclusive Development
People in Nepal sitting in chairs at a conference
USAID/Nepal Hitting the Road for Localization
USAID/Nepal's team has initiated localization roadshows to serve as a platform for USAID to connect with local organizations to answer questions and create relationships. Take some lessons from how the Mission is reaching local partners and how local partners can work with USAID.
Sep 7, 2023
A man rowing a canoe in a river through a forest.
Empowering Indigenous Collaboration: Insights from USAID’s Co-Creation Journey
A Q&A with Vy Lam and Sandra Lazarte on USAID’s Co-Creation with Indigenous Partners (IP) Learning Document How did the idea for USAID’s Learning Document on “Co-Creation with Indigenous Partners” originate? What were the key factors that contributed to its creation? [Vy Lam] The idea emerged during Luis-Felipe Duchicela's tenure as Senior Advisor for Indigenous Peoples’ Issues at USAID.
Sep 5, 2023