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Announcing Our New Sub-Opportunities Page

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Mar 2, 2023

Connecting you with opportunities to work with USAID and its partners: that’s our mission at the Partnerships Incubator. And that’s why we are excited to be rolling out a new Sub-Opportunities page on WorkwithUSAID.org.

The page shares opportunities being offered by USAID’s prime implementing partners, who may seek subcontractors or subawardees when they need specialized expertise or on-the-ground support. Sub-opportunities like these can be a great option for small, young, or growing organizations to become involved in the Agency’s important and impactful development work around the world.

For prime partners, the new Sub-Opportunities page will raise the visibility of their subaward and subcontract opportunities, allowing them to access a wider pool of qualified potential partners. For potential subs, the page will provide visibility into more ways to get involved. Eventually, we hope to connect the Sub-Opportunities page with our Partner Directory, so that organizations from a particular country or sector can be automatically notified when relevant new opportunities are posted.

We are pleased to be taking one more step in the direction of removing barriers and increasing transparency for new partners. Subawards and subcontracts can be a good way for organizations to get a foot in the door. This new page will open that door wider for organizations that may have the knowledge, but not yet the networks, to support USAID projects.

We aren’t stopping here, however. Watch WorkwithUSAID.org for additional changes to streamline the customer experience for new, potential, and established USAID partners. Upcoming new features will include a funding feed that will pull prime opportunities from SAM.gov and Grants.gov onto one page. A new Partnership Pathways tool will also provide a welcoming interface that can guide users toward the most suitable partnership options based on their organization type, region, and sector.

Are you a prime partner with a sub-opportunity to share? Submit details about the opportunity using our submission form. Not a prime? Visit the Sub-Opportunities page to look for ways to support a prime partner on a USAID project, and learn more about the prime/sub relationship in the “Building Strong Sub-Partnerships” training module.