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10 Inspiring Local Organizations Expanding Literacy in Their Communities

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A girl reads a colorful picture book.
Photo credit: USAID
Sep 8, 2022

Happy International Literacy Day! USAID has long championed literacy as a key to unlocking development gains around the world. In recognition of International Literacy Day, we at the Partnerships Incubator are celebrating the many local organizations working tirelessly to provide youth in their communities with the literacy tools needed to contribute to their own countries’ development. 

The organizations featured below were selected from the WorkwithUSAID.org Partner Directory. By featuring these organizations, we aim to highlight the extent of the work being done by local organizations to advance literacy in their own communities. Listing does not represent an endorsement of any of these individual organizations.

  • Reborn Association (nongovernmental organization [NGO]) (Ghana-based headquarters) works closely with beneficiary communities to promote education, vocational training, basic literacy and numeracy, and environmental sustainability.  
  • Hibook (corporation) (Morocco-based headquarters) works to improve the Moroccan education system both at the regional and national level and seeks to establish a process to diversify children's learning practices by encouraging children to read books. 
  • Tenderness and Love (NGO) (Mozambique-based headquarters) runs a Power of Lecture program, which provides children with access to books and also connects youths with adult volunteers who can support their learning.
  • Canopy Nepal (NGO) (Nepal-based headquarters) seeks to create a society free of illiteracy by providing educational accessibility for less-privileged children and promoting interactive learning in schools. 
  • GRADE Africa (NGO) (Niger-based headquarters) implements literacy and education programs for young people as part of its overall mission to promote local leadership and strengthen local capacity.
  • Smart Kids Literacy Foundation (NGO) (Nigeria-based headquarters) provides literacy support to young primary school children. The organization educates parents on how they can best support their children in their learning and trains teachers on strategies for effective teaching. 
  • Akhter Hameed Khan Resource Center (NGO) (Pakistan-based headquarters) works to enable low-income women in urban slums and communities with digital and English literacy skills to increase employment marketability. 
  • ReadAvidly Campaign (NGO) (South Africa-based headquarters) is an organization that aims to encourage Africans to read books avidly. The campaign seeks to transform all nonreaders into avid readers.  
  • Ethelstars (NGO) (Tanzania-based headquarters) advocates for quality education and literacy by nurturing young children with reading habits and skills that go beyond the classroom environment.
  • Children Inspired Evolution (NGO) (Zambia-based headquarters) ​​promotes the education of vulnerable children and youth through school supply donations, sponsorships, literacy lessons, story book donations, and enrolling children in school.

Visit the WorkwithUSAID.org Partner Directory to find other organizations working in the areas of education and literacy around the world and register your organization today.